Gruppenreisen planen - Teil 9:Es geht los – die Teilnehmer reisen an!

The time has finally come - your event or group trip is about to begin and the participants are arriving. To ensure that the start goes smoothly, you can use the following tips from this blog.

Es geht los – die Teilnehmer reisen an!

Discuss & check on site.

We have pointed out several times that communication is very important. Now we will see how your wishes will be implemented on site. Take your time and go through the entire event with your contact person and run the routes yourself.


Here are a few final details before the storm

1) Hospitality Desk, Reception

o Make sure you have a reception desk or a special area where participants can register or just ask their first questions.

o A well-organized reception is the first impression participants get of your event. Make sure front desk staff has all important information and resources.


2) Check room status

o Before participants arrive, check the status of the rooms and coordinate any early arrivals.

o Are the rooms made available on time?

o Is the air conditioning set according to the weather conditions?


3) Meeting room labels

o Does the hotel signpost have your company name on it?

o Are your meeting rooms and venues clearly labeled?


4) Drinks upon check-in

Is it possible to offer participants coffee/tea or soft drinks upon check-in?

A small welcome drink often helps the participants feel welcome and in good hands, especially if the rooms are not yet ready.


5) Contact person at the hotel

Your hotel contact person should be available to assist you on the day and be able to help you immediately if you encounter any challenges.

o Arrange a meeting after your arrival and let us show you around

o Get the direct extension number

o Who can you contact if your contact person is not available?

6) Lay out the program

It has proven to be beneficial if the 'simple' program of the event is displayed in different locations throughout the hotel so that participants can access it at any time.


7) During the event and departure

o Keep your eyes open and do a quick walk-through every now and then to make sure everything is running smoothly.

o Discuss consumption at an open bar to avoid misunderstandings.

o Get feedback from your participants so that you can take immediate countermeasures

o Be prepared to react flexibly to unforeseen situations.

Your duties and responsibilities do not end until the last guest has left in the morning. It can be quite a lot and you won't have much time to enjoy the event to the fullest. Here HRB+ ( , +49 69 91501510) can support you with on-site service. Ask for a complete package.


A successful event requires careful planning and preparation. With these tips you have a basis for your event so that your participants have a smooth start and the event is a complete success.


Happy planning.


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